Organizations migrating to the cloud for modernization must adopt an entirely new mindset around security as well as leverage modern technologies and operational models, such as DevSecOps.

DevSecOps integrates security processes into the DevOps model. With DevSecOps, businesses can rapidly deliver secure and compliant application changes while running operations consistently with automation.

Below are design principles that can help strengthen workload security.

Implement a strong identity foundation
Implement the principle of least privilege and enforce separation of duties with appropriate authorization for each interaction with the organization’s AWS resources.

Enable traceability
Monitor, alert, and audit actions and changes to the environment in real time.

Apply security at all layers
Apply a defense-in-depth approach with multiple security controls to all layers—for example, edge of network, virtual private cloud (VPC), load balancing, every instance and compute service, operating system, application, and code—as if each layer is an individual project.

Automate security best practices
Automated software-based security mechanisms improve the ability to securely scale more rapidly and cost-effectively.

Protect data in transit and at rest
Classify data into sensitivity levels and use mechanisms such as encryption, tokenization, and access control where appropriate.

Restrict unauthorized access to data
Reduce the risk of mishandling or modifying data through human error by limiting or eliminating direct access to—or manual processing of—the organization’s data.

Prepare for security events
Prepare for an incident by having incident management and investigation policy and processes that align to your organizational requirements. Run incident response simulations and use tools with automation to increase your speed for detection, investigation, and recovery.

CloudMetrik helps organizations quickly find solutions to establish secure delivery pipelines that can save time, effort, and cost by incorporating security earlier in the development process. Explore DevSecOps solutions that can help you rapidly deliver secure, compliant software, accelerate innovation and deployment, and modernize confidently while reducing risk and complexity.

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Published On: March 7, 2023By

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