If you’re like most businesses, as your data expands and your reliance on it increases, your on-premises or collocated datacenter has become a challenge to maintain. Aging infrastructure stretches capital expenditure budgets, remote work is becoming increasingly common, and adequately protecting your business with reliable backup and security is stretching your team’s limits. But you’re not alone.

Many small and medium-sized business find the on-prem datacenter is:

Difficult to scale

On-premises datacenters offer limited flexibility to scale rapidly with your business. Adding more storage means buying new hardware.            Without regular capital investment to expand and a steady increase in space and resources to provision and manage new hardware and         software, the datacenter quickly becomes a limitation and eventually a risk to the business.


There is little flexibility built into on-premises capacity and new hardware can quickly become a sunk cost when your capacity needs change. Owning and managing your own infrastructure makes it challenging to adapt to changing business conditions, implement business continuity or develop new value-add applications.

A burden on scarce IT resources

Instead of using IT resources on projects to differentiate your business, you are increasingly focused on finding the skills required to efficiently manage your infrastructure.

Less reliable

You alone are responsible for business continuity and staying ahead of any security threats to prevent downtime that will slow the business.
Regularly procuring, testing, deploying, and managing on-site equipment yourself puts you at a disadvantage— especially if your competitors have cloud-flexible capabilities.

In cloud computing, large volumes of storage, compute, and other IT capabilities are available via the Internet to organizations in a pay-as-you-go model. The cloud services model essentially allows businesses to outsource the buying, integration, upgrading, patching, and management of server, storage, and communications equipment.

By taking advantage of a pay as you go model, you get exactly what you need, when you need it. You can sleep better knowing your data is backed up and can be quickly recovered. Cloud allows you to re-invest in high value IT that is specific to differentiating your business and increasing competitiveness.

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Published On: March 30, 2023By

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