We’re IT experts, so we know how to find them

Find the right people

Find the right people

We believe that magic happens when you combine the best people with the best technology. But how do you find those people? It can be tough – it’s not only about finding someone with the right technical skills, it’s also about finding that person who fits seamlessly into your culture. To do that, you need a true talent management partner.

Contract Talent

Hire skilled professionals on a temporary basis for short- or long-term assignments.

Permanent Placement

Add full-time employees early- to mid-career or executive level.


Access deep consulting expertise or specialized project teams to solve business challenges.

Choose the best option for you

Contract, permanent or remote position, we find great people great jobs.

Why Work With Us?

Talent Pool

We have experience in supporting clients find top technology talent. Through our partnership our clients gain access to the candidate pool that we have maintained for over the years to maximize productivity and hiring speed.

Cost Reduction

CloudMetrik enables the companies to fill up the vacancies much faster, which ultimately reduces the amount of HR resources spent on sourcing candidates.

Skilled Talent, Ready To Go

No matter your need, we’ve got candidates who can meet it. Experienced professionals can start as soon as possible, whether the role is remote or on-site.

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