Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today are adopting new working models that enable them to respond faster to customer needs online while reducing costs and freeing up resources. The cloud gives organizations of any size access to the tools, applications, and infrastructure to quickly improve customer online experiences. SMBs are no longer limited to the capacity of their own servers but can leverage an entire global network.

To meet customer expectations for uptime and performance, cloud helps you efficiently scale to support changing traffic, reducing time spent on configuration and maintenance. You gain access to the performance and reliability of a global network that offers high availability and the flexibility to use exactly the compute, storage, and networking resources your business needs.

Each organization is different, and your digital journey should reflect the specific business outcomes important to your success.

Review the statements below and mark yes for those that apply to your business.

  • My customers and partners expect to easily access account and order information from any device, including mobile devices
  • Users abandon purchases or other activities on our site before completion due to performance issues
  • Part of our growth strategy is to engage more customers while also reducing administrative costs
  • We struggle to share information internally to enable better customer service
  • Basic processes from onboarding to expense reports and PO approvals are not well integrated and create administrative overhead
  • We too frequently have unplanned downtime and key content loads slowly on our site
  • It is time consuming and resource intensive to properly secure customer data and meet all of the regulatory requirements
  • My development team is busy maintaining existing applications and doesn’t have time to add new features or capabilities that would improve the customer experience
  • My competitors often have a website that is easier to use, has more capability and is mobile friendly

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your business could benefit from moving your online presence to the cloud.

Want to move to the cloud, but you think it’s too much for your IT team? Our certified and experienced team is ready to help you. Contact us!

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Published On: March 21, 2023By

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