AWS Professional Level,  Duration: 3 Days,  Online or On-Site

Running Containers on Amazon EKS

Why Study This Course


What you will learn

In this course students learn container management and orchestration for Kubernetes through Amazon EKS. This includes how to effectively design, build, deploy and configure a large kubernetes container cluster.Students will also gain the skills to configure their AWS networking services to support the cluster as well as how to secure their Amazon EKS environment. This course is delivered by a certified AWS trainer. Instructor led training has been shown to deliver the best learning outcomes.

Course Objectives

  • How to review and examine containers, Kubernetes and Amazon EKS fundamentals and the impact of containers on workflows
  • How to build an Amazon EKS cluster by selecting the correct compute resources to support worker nodes
  • How to secure your environment with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication by creating an Amazon EKS service role for your cluster
  • How to deploy an application on the cluster. Publish container images to ECR and secure access via IAM policy
  • How to automate and deploy applications, examine automation tools and pipelines. Create a GitOps pipeline using WeaveFlux
  • How to collect monitoring data through metrics, logs, tracing with AWS X-Ray and identify metrics for performance tuning. Review scenarios where bottlenecks require the best scaling approach using horizontal or vertical scaling
  • How to assess the tradeoffs between efficiency, resiliency, cost and impact for tuning one over the other. Describe and outline a holistic, iterative approach to optimising your environment. Design for cost, efficiency, and resiliency
  • How to configure the AWS networking services to support the cluster. Describe how EKS/Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) functions and simplifies inter-node communications. Describe the function of VPC Container Network Interface (CNI). Review the benefits of a service mesh. How to upgrade your Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, and third party tools

Target Audience

  • DevOps engineers
  • Systems administrators
  • Other IT professionals responsible for container orchestration or management in the AWS Cloud


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